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Organizations are increasingly recognizing the need to innovate to survive.

Globalization, rapid technical change & new competitors have converged to create a turbulent environment which has increased pressure on organizations to become more adaptable. Creativity is only a beginning; the challenge is to transfer creative ideas into tangible solutions.

The need today is to develop an individual's abilities to trigger, generate, control & steer new ideas towards developing innovative products & services.

In the challenging world education is the most important component. The true success of human existence comes only through intellectual awakening and mental enlightens. To survive in the present world, we endeavor to develop our students with right sets of skills, competencies, attitudes and value to excel in challenging business environment of future.

CICMS college is committed to excellence in education therefore process of education is not limited to classroom lectures but delivered through extensive exposure to corporate world.

All our efforts are directed towards this vision aiming at quality improvement in all areas and making student intellectually competent and emotionally humble so as to enable them to get the benefits of successful career.

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