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Bachelor of Business Management

  • Location Jayanagar
  • Duration 3 Years
  • Semester 6

Bachelor of Business Management Studies, is an undergraduate program of three. The BBM degree is designed to teach students the skills necessary to perform leadership roles in the business and corporate world.

This program is designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future. Graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and international business environments.

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) programme aims at developing well-rounded students who are schooled in a diverse range of subject areas. Students will master the fundamentals of business management and leadership, and in the process, gain insights into the major areas of global business. Students choose a business major from a choice of seven business specialisations (corporate communication, finance, strategic management, marketing, operations management, organizational behaviour & human resources and quantitative finance). Concentrations within the finance major (wealth management concentration, international trading concentration, investment banking concentration, financial risk analysis concentration) and management major (entrepreneurship concentration) enhance students’ competitive edge in the job market.

Programme summary

Develop the knowledge and skills for a management career, and find out how to help an organization achieve its goals. Specialize in either human resource management (HRM)

Are you interested in a career in management? To be successful in today's ever-changing commercial world, you have to be competent in a variety of business skills. If you study for a Bachelor of Business (Management) you'll not only gain an overview of how business operates, but also understand what effect the management of human resources and operations has on business as a whole. Specialize in either human resource management or operations management.

Human resource management

If you're focusing on human resources (HR), you begin to understand that there is more to HR than staff recruitment. From an organizational viewpoint, HR is an increasingly important managerial function dealing with a whole range of staff-related needs such as HR strategy and planning, recruitment, performance management systems and employment contracts.

Business management studies give people a complete education about running and maintaining a business. Business students are not only taught the basic principles of management in text books, they are also given real life examples to examine so that they can bring these principles to life. Business instructors use case studies and hands-on projects to show students how things can go right or wrong depending on how a business is managed. For example, at the Community Institute of Commerce and Management students at the Bangalore University, freshman students are usually required to start and manage a team-oriented business project in order to pass Business Management. That firsthand experience is extremely valuable to business students as they forge out into the real world.

Additionally, business management studies are needed because they teach students about teamwork. Nowadays, businesses are run in a team format. Departments are segmented into specific teams that must work together in order to accomplish business goals. Most business management classes will teach you the importance of working as a unit with other employees, and they also give you tips on how to deal with different personalities at work in the interest of achieving a higher goal.

Business managers must know how to manage and supervise employees effectively. Studying business management will give you a background about what you can expect from employees, how to respond to employee grievances and issues, and how to motivate your workforce. One of the most valuable subjects that is frequently discussed in business management courses is employee morale (the confidence that employees have in their jobs and their company).

Many young people choose to major in and study business management because these classes give them a variety of options to explore on the job market. Every company is looking for a level-headed business manager to bring order to a chaotic situation. Students who study business management frequently end up in mid- to upper-management positions in popular fields like insurance, medicine, banking and media. They are also hired as independent consultants to help companies with specific projects and goals.

The purpose of most business management programs is to breed future business leaders. You cannot go to an interview for a mid- or upper-level position without a good management education behind you and be taken seriously. On the same token, some companies find it hard to place business management majors because the subject is very general. It all comes down to what you take out of your business education and how you integrate it with your passions in life.

Career opportunities

  • Advertising Specialist
  • Marketing Service Manager
  • Personnel Manager
  • Purchasing Officer
  • Property Manager
  • Real Estate Salesperson
  • Economist
  • Management Consultant
  • Advertising Manager
  • Real Estate Property Manager
  • Receptionist, Recruitment Officer, Valuer
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Occupational Health and Safety Professional
  • Rental Sales Agent
  • Business Analyst
  • Econometrician
  • Employee Relations Officer
  • Real Estate Valuer
  • Retail Manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Logistics manager
  • Operations manager
  • Project manager
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Business Systems Planner
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Urban and Regional Planner
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Advertising Specialist
  • Marketing Service Manager


First Semester



Fundamentals of accounting

Business Organization and Environment

Quantitative Methods for Business - I

Market behavior & cost analysis

Management Process

Second Semester



Financial Accounting

Quantities Methods for Business – II

Organization Behavior

Production & Operation Management

Environmental Studies

Third Semester


Soft Skills for Business

Corporate Accounting

Human Resource Management

Service Management

Corporate Environment

Computer Fundamental

Fourth Semester


Business Research Methods

Marketing Management

Business Regulations

Cost Accounting

Indian Constitution

Fifth Semester

Entrepreneurial Management

Computer Application in Business

Banking Regulations & Operations

Corporate Governance

Management Accounting

Elective paper - I

Elective paper - II

Sixth Semester

International Business

E Business

Income Tax

Strategic Management

Elective paper – III

Elective Paper – IV

Project Report & Viva – Voce (75 marks + 25 marks)

Pass Rate 100%

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