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Principal Message

The haze of uncertainty experienced by the world economy over the past year owing to the Eurozone crisis is just about clearing. And India is as usual the flag bearer in showing the way to beating the recession. From all accounts it appears the grey clouds are clearing. And the country is in for some strong and positive growth, once again making a strong pitch for being the leader among the world's economies. India Inc. is in top gear and extremely positive on the prospects for the coming years. The corporate sector's eager rush for trained and qualified managers to cater to this increased growth is on and there can be no better time than now to add to your skill sets to stand tall in the competition. And when it comes to knowledge sharing, CICMS has proved that it has what it takes to be among the top higher education institutions in India. The talent that we harness at CICMS Group has ensured that we are ranked among the top 50 Institutions in India by the most respected ranking agencies e.g. Business India, Outlook, and Economic Times, to name a few.

The students at CICMS are the prime movers of this Endeavour to reach greater heights if their performance in academics or inter-college-university events in all fields, or in their career, is any indication. If you have the passion to excel, CICMS will ensure that your talent is fully exploited for the benefit of all – the country, the corporate sector, and you.

These are exciting times for India. I certainly hope to see you at CICMS soon and to find you among the many who will find their rightful place eventually in India's growth story as it unfolds.

Community Institute of Commerce and Management Studies

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